Welp, if you’re reading this article then it is safe to say that you survived Sunday’s crazy wind storm, or as I call it, Wind Storm 2023. 

Honestly, I think the real victims of Wind Storm 2023 were trash cans, street signs, trees, electrical poles, and trampolines because the amount of photos I saw online mainly showed all those items scattered across the streets of El Paso due to the winds.


According to local meteorologists, this past Sunday’s wind storm has put the borderland in the #7 spot for the windiest day recorded in El Paso.

Wind gusts reached 71 mph at the El Paso National Airport. To put it in perspective, Category 1 hurricane winds range from 74 - 95 mph so although we didn’t reach the 74 mph mark we sure were close!


A Round of Applause for El Paso Electric:

Power outages were reported all across the city with some people even having to spend close to 5 hours without any electricity! 

Major kudos to El Paso Electric’s team for working hard to make sure power was restored!

According to a post shared on EP Electric’s page, At the peak of the storm, over 39,000 customers were without power.

As of Sunday night there were 180 outages with an estimated 6,946 customers without power.

Crews got to work and were assigned to all major outages and repairs and they restored service despite those strong winds. Way to go EP Electric team!

The Show Must Go On:

Monster Truck lovers were concerned that the Monster Jam would be canceled due to these high winds, but to many people's surprise the show in fact did not get canceled.

Rain or shine, Monster Jam was gonna happen and it did.

Many people braved the strong winds and chilly temperatures to enjoy some Monster Jam fun.

However, guests who planned on attending Western Playlands grand opening weekend were bummed to hear the news that Western Playland would be closed due to the high winds.

Personally, I think this was a good choice on Western playland because I can’t imagine riding roller coasters with such extreme winds! And then all that blowing dust and sand getting in your face! No thanks.

Get Ready For More Wind:

Wind is in the forecast AGAIN this week, but thankfully these winds wont be as strong as what we experienced this past weekend. Gusts of up to 40 mph are expected this Wednesday into Thursday.

However, just in case, tie down those trampolines, bring in those trash cans, and try not to park near a tree or street sign. You’ve been warned, El Paso.

Barbara Aguilera
Barbara Aguilera

Wind Storm 2023


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