The Car Pro Test Drives the 2022 BMW M4, Nissan Leaf, & More
Thursday on Sunrise LBK with Dave King and Tom Collins, The Car Pro Jerry Reynolds joined Dave and Tom to talk about his test drive of the week, his test drive during the Thanksgiving holiday, as well as other auto industry news. Reynolds started the discussion by talking about the car review he did not get to preview on the show due to the Thanksgiving holiday, being the new Nissan Leaf all elect
NY Jets Safety May Have Scored a Touchdown for Military Athletes
For decades, student-athletes that were competing for the United States Military Academies had to complete their active duty military service time before they could pursue their professional athletic careers. Some famous ones over the past few decades have been NBA Hall of Famer David Robinson, former New York Giants wide receiver Phil McConkey as well as Dallas Cowboys legendary quarterback, Roger Staubach. McConkey spent 5 years as a Navy helicopter pilot before he put the shoulder pads back on. Well, a new New York Jets player may have helped change that situation.

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