As Summer slowly approaches in the borderland, El Paso parents are going to start getting ready for warmer days and that means they will be doing swimsuit shopping so their kids can enjoy some fun in the pool. 

If you’re one of those parents who will be doing swimsuit shopping for your kids, be very cautious of the color of the swimsuit you buy them.

Back in March of 2023, Nikki Scarnati, a swim instructor and mother, took to TikTok to sound the alarm about not buying your kids blue bathing suits. In her video, she showcased her daughter in a blue swimsuit, noting the difficulty of spotting her underwater, even in calm conditions. 

Some comments on her post, including one from a former lifeguard, echoed her concerns, emphasizing the challenge of detecting any shade of blue.

When questioned about darker blues, Nikki emphasized studies favoring neon hues but suggested red, orange, and yellow as safer alternatives. Another lifeguard emphasized the importance of bright colors, especially in pool settings where there are a lot more people around.

So, as families gear up for summer pool time adventures, this reminder serves as a vital consideration in ensuring water safety for loved ones.

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