Everyone is tightening their belts these days. The coronavirus pandemic, reduced hours at work, so many people have been laid off or fired altogether and all that means less money for necessities like electric bills.

That's why any good news about things not putting as big a hit on your checking account as usual is so welcome these days. Officials with the El Paso Electric Company announced today that they will be giving customers a slight decrease in their bills during the heat of the summer.

This is peak usage season and it also happens to be the moment El Paso Electric filed to issue a temporary fuel refund. Earlier this week, EP Electric filed with the Public Utility Commission of Texas to request a fuel refund for Texas customers over a two-month period. On average you will see a monthly savings of about 6 dollars in July and 7 dollars in August, but only if both the refund and refund period are approved. I know it's not much but an almost 13 dollar savings over the two-month period isn't too bad. It could mean a couple of trips to Starbucks or a drive-by at a fast food restaurant.

As soon as this goes through or doesn't go through we'll let you know.

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