There are some people who would love to hike at night but don't feel fully secure. If you have been wanting to go on an evening hike then get your hiking shoes and flashlight ready. Plus some people actually prefer to go hiking in the evening since it can be exhausting in the heat.

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But if you're the type to not want to go hiking alone in the dark, then this group outing is your answer. Plus, it is also kind of a secure feeling knowing you're going hiking with others instead of alone at night.

Plus, the perk about hiking in the evening is being able to really enjoy nature's sights and sounds that surround you. Evening hikes will also put your senses to the test when you're hiking in the dark.

So if you've wanted to hike at night and learn a few things be sure to join the Full Moon Sensory Hike. The hike will be led by Frontera Land Alliance on the following Friday, March 18.

So make sure you head out to Wilderness Park in the Northeast to enjoy this neat program. El Paso Museum of Archaeology and The Frontera Land Alliance would like for you to join this free event.

The whole point of this experience is to watch a full moon rise while outdoors while you explore your senses. So if you're down to join the evening hike make sure to wear proper shoes and bring your flashlight.

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