There's no denying that El Paso has amazing scenery that is definitely picturesque. From the amazing sunsets, to the incredible art work across the city- if a picture is worth a thousand words El Paso would be an entire book!

Now, a fellow El Pasoan is asking for your help to find more of these unique settings for a new photography and video project they have taken on. Over on Reddit, user @Specialist-Set344 is asking for your help by asking:

Hi everyone! I have recently taken interest in Photos and Videos and would like to know if there is places around town that might have an unusual or unique interior/exterior. This could be from scary looking, funny looking or somewhere in between. This Includes Nature. Thank you :)

There were a few responses, like the old churches in Central, El Paso High School and Aztec Cave trail in the Franklin Mountains. Others suggested Ho Baron's sculpture garden which is definitely a unique setting that you could only get here in the Sun City (well, actually his work could also be seen in Las Cruces, Albuquerque, Round Rock, and Georgetown in Austin, Roswell, Silver City, and Baltimore.) You can check out more about Ho Baron's Sculpture Garden here.

Someone else suggested Hueco Tanks, which I do believe is the perfect scenery for some amazing photography, especially that one pink bench!

Also, apparently there's an abandoned on the east side that is a must see! If you have any other suggestions for this Reddit user, let them know over on their original post or in our App Chat on the free KLAQ mobile app!

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