There are so many little creepy crawlers you may or may not know of that exist in the borderland. Now the only way you can discover them is if you hike the Franklin Mountains. Before I have shared how the deer like to occasionally come down the mountain and visit residents' backyards living on the mountain.

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I have also shared with you about the Trombidiidaes that also linger around. The Trombididaes are really interesting to look at on a hike.

Luckily, my friend Ray Arreola who you've seen perform live around El Paso was kind enough to share pictures. I had shared his pictures with you a long while back ago.

The Trombididaes look like a red spider-like crab almost. As you will see in his pictures of Trombididaes they sure are bright red.

But those aren't the only creepy crawlers roaming around the Franklin Mountains. Move aside Trombididaes, and hello Rainbow Grasshopper.

An avid hiker Pete Biddle is always going on hikes when he can. He's the one who shared the picture of the Rainbow Grasshopper on his Twitter.

I'm surprised I didn't come across any Rainbow Grasshoppers the time I visited Hueco Tanks trails. Rainbow Grasshoppers have a distinguished look with black and red markings on their bodies. So if you like to discover unique creepy crawlers such as Trombidiidaes, Rainbow Grasshoppers, and more a hiking adventure is where the discovery awaits.

Besides worrying about coming across scorpions, spiders, and snakes on a hike you also can see cool insects like Rainbow Grasshoppers. So get out there and explore all of what the Franklin Mountains have to offer.

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