No one unless you're into creepy crawlers enjoys seeing a massive spider lounging around your house. But there are some people who are huge fans of nature and defend the creepy crawlers to death.

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There are those who will say they do good for our environment who are the ones who admire them. I don't think there will ever be a point I could admire a massive spider by taking its picture.

If I ever were to attempt to approach it would be when I am trying to kill it. I give major props to those of you who have guts and will risk it jumping on you just for the perfect photo.

But then again some people don't mind getting up close and personal to take a picture of massive spiders. I shared a Horizon woman's worst nightmare that she encountered which some of you can relate to.

Last Friday, I shared a story about a Horizon woman finding what looks to be a gigantic spider on the wall of her house. After, some of you also shared the unwanted spidey guests you found hanging around.

Now, if this were a contest of who has the bigger spider, everyone would win hands down. The pictures you all shared of your unwanted guests with us on the KLAQ Facebook page were massive.

Tons of you shared your unwanted guests in the comments that I felt others had to also see. Check out other massive spiders around the borderland that are making your home their home below.

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