This week Veronica let us know what is the most hated bugs in each state, and we were surprised by the results for the Lone Star state. According to Pest Strategies, cockroaches were the most hated bug for both Texas and New Mexico.

To be fair, cockroaches topped the list for 29 out of 50 states. Cockroaches really do get a bad rep, especially for an insect that will most likely be the last thing living on the plant. You know the saying, "the only thing to survive the end of the world will be cockroaches." Or a saying similar to it. Maybe we all hate on cockroaches because part of us are somewhat jealous of the cockroach. After all, cockroaches were the only thing that survived nuclear explosions. It's true, you can read more about it in The Cockroach Papers. But enough about our brown, scurrying insect friend.

We want to know what should really be topping the list for this region. After all, while cockroaches are disgusting, there are other insects and animals we hate more. If you see cockroaches in your house, most people get the bug spray out and take care of the problem themselves. Not many homeowners would go after the animals on the list below by themselves.

The stings from Texas scorpions produce only moderate reactions in most people because the poison has little effect on the nervous system. Severity of the sting is dependent upon the individual scorpion and the person’s reaction to the venom. A person who is stung by a scorpion should be watched closely for adverse reactions.

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