There is nothing I despise more than seeing any kind of spider. Of course, living in the desert doesn't help me one bit.

Luckily, I have only come across small spiders that don't seem harmful like black widows or brown recluse spiders. I am just thankful El Paso hasn't come across any spiders that fly or swim.

In Texas, some residents have found spiders that can actually swim in the water. Now I would be terrified to ever come across not just a spider, but a tarantula that can actually swim.

Can you just imagine one day you're swimming in the pool and see a furry little fella also floating along?

Witnessing something like that will actually be the moment my heart would stop.

Well, Texas Parks and Wildlife caught some footage of a tarantula doing just that. Granted this was taken a couple of years ago but still is frightening to see.

10 Tampa Bay shared the video on their YouTube channel of the tarantula taking a dip in a river:

The tarantula isn't just floating along, it is actually moving its legs along the waters. Watching it swim looks as if the tarantula is walking on water instead of swimming.

Plus, this tarantula isn't just poking it in the water it is moving pretty fast. I hope I don't ever come across a swimming tarantula ever while in Texas.

I don't understand how some people can actually have tarantulas as pets in their homes. But pick what your reaction would be if you came across a swimming tarantula in the poll below.

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