Since the pandemic started you may have noticed more people enjoying hiking in El Paso. Hiking in El Paso has its perks that make your hike that much enjoyable. For example, a friend of mine shares his gnarly adventures and discoveries when he goes hiking.

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Last year in July my friend would hike near or around the McKelligon Canyon area from time to time. During one of his hikes last year, he stumbled across something you didn't know existed in El Paso. Ray Arreola shared his little acquaintance with what seems like a crabby-spider-like creature on his social media.

Turns out, the little thing is a red velvet mite known as Trombidiidae that can usually be found in plant litter. Not only can you discover gnarly arachnids during a hike but also some breathtaking views. After accomplishing a difficult hike the award after making it to the top is grand and worth every struggle.

Another example of a hike worth taking is the hike to Aztec Cave. The view at the very top is amazing and serene. You can see the rewarding view after completing the difficult hike to the top by clicking here. But the creatures and scenic views aren't the only beautiful sights in the desert.

An El Paso man Pete Biddle who is an avid hiker always captures the most stunning pictures of the colorful desert flowers. You can scroll down to see the different types of flowers he comes across on the trail he hikes. Hiking has become very popular with the El Paso crowd lately and we can all see why.

Desert Flowers in the Borderland

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