An El Paso man always takes advantage of great weather by going on a hike. In fact, he takes tons of hikes that he is always sharing pictures of our nature's beautiful scenery. I actually shared his collection of pictures he took from his hikes.

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Well, Pete Biddle managed to catch something else except this time on video. He was on one of his usual hikes when he found a little teeny-weeny lizard on a rock. According to Pete Biddle, he called it a Greater Earless lizard.

The video he shared of the little one is only about sixteen seconds long but is fun to see. Especially when you find a song with a beat that matches the pace of the lizard. Just watching the green fella's pace I could picture AC/DC's "Back In Black" matching perfectly.

Pete Biddle recorded the lizard a bit moving up in down in the form of a push-up. Normally when I have come across any sort of lizard, they run in the opposite direction. Which surprised me to see the little lizard stayed to flex for the camera.

Pete Biddle filmed a sixteen-second video of a lizard doing push-ups. It's been said male lizards do push-ups in order to get attention. It has also been known that their flex means they're being territorial. Did the lizard flex because he was being territorial or just looking for attention? And yes you better believe I want your opinion about this. In the poll below pick the option you believe the lizard was reacting towards Pete Biddle.

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