You should try your best to pay attention to where you step while hiking. There's an avid hiker that laid out the proof on why you should. Daryl Merlich enjoys his hikes especially when he stumbles across artifacts.

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It is amazing how many things you can find along your hike wherever it may be. Hiking adventures are the best for making some cool discoveries in the borderland's desert. Daryl Merlich went out on a hike and it led him to some gnarly artifacts.

He even took pictures of every artifact he found and shared his photo gallery of them. Daryl Merlich has major respect for the artifacts because when he shared his pictures he also added he wouldn't disclose the location. We all know once a location is revealed lots of people will visit.

Daryl Merlich also mentioned he left the artifacts alone and didn't snatch any. Hence, why he also chose not to disclose the specific location for the artifacts. There are people out there that don't respect nature and wouldn't have a problem taking the artifacts home.

But since we probably won't ever get to see these artifacts existing in real life the photos do enough justice. There were so many individually unique pieces that were found along certain path parts of our Southwest Desert. Hiking in El Paso is very exciting because of all the jaw-dropping surprises you come across.

Before I've mentioned how my friend introduced me to a little creature I never knew existed. Trombidiidae's a bright red crab-spider-like creature that looks super soft. Besides creatures hiking in El Paso can be beautiful because of all the desert flowers around. Hiking in El Paso definitely has its perks for so many reasons and some of those reasons are listed above.

Borderland Artifacts

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