Men and women in El Paso always look forward to a change when it comes to their appearance. We have all been there when we experiment with a new look with our hairstyle.

Heck, I have been there before when I did something drastic to my hair years ago.

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It wasn't as crazy since I first wanted to test it out with only a strip instead of my full head of hair. The most I ever did to my hair was getting a strip of purple color in my blonde hair. Some women go through phases where we need to change our hair sometimes.

V's Hair Phases Over Years

I've been through all sorts of hair phases in my life. But now there are some men participating in a unique challenge. There is a new look in town that some El Paso men are pulling off quite nicely. Two dudes in El Paso are champs for trying out the chin strap beard challenge at Chuco Barbas.

ChucoBarbas is a local barbershop here in El Paso located on the Eastside at North Zaragoza Road. The full-service modern traditional barbershop is where YOU can get the chin strap beard challenge if you're up for it. Major props go out to Jerry Ramirez and Chris Villegas who are killing it with their new do.

But this rocking hair-do wouldn't be possible if it weren't for Adrian Venegas. So don't get caught off guard if you see dudes rocking the chin strap beard challenge around El Paso. Also, that wasn't the only challenge men were rocking that you may have spotted in El Paso.

via ChucoBarbas/Jerry Ramirez
via ChucoBarbas/Jerry Ramirez

Back in February, Robert Barraza was a champ for getting the monkey beard tail done. Just below is an example of the monkey beard tail challenge Robert Barraza was down to sport. So if you know someone with a marvelous beard who's always up for a challenge, you know where to send them.

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