Ysleta Independent School District sure came through with some relieving news when students return to school. It is unfortunate that there are some families that struggle in the borderland. Normally when families struggle financially means the budget is tight for school supplies and sometimes food.

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That is why Ysleta Independent School District wants to help out all its students this year. The District knows that the students need their nutrients in order to achieve academically. As a parent myself, I was totally stunned but overall happy to hear about The District's plan for the school year.

If you already know, you got to admit that The District sure knows how to take care of its students. Ysleta Independent School District really went above and beyond to make sure students have what they need and are nourished with nutrients. Hence, why The District decided to hook up EVERY student with the essentials every student would need for a school year.

Ysleta Independent School District announced they will be providing FREE school supplies for ALL students. The students will receive their school supplies package on the first day of school. Then on Wednesday, Ysleta Independent School District shared something even bigger.

The big announcement relieved and maybe even made struggling parents shed a couple of tears. The District shared that every single student will have FREE meals (breakfast and lunch) ALL year long. One thing for certain is Ysleta Independent School District sure did go above and beyond for students.

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