Another medical technical college has closed down in El Paso leaving students who have paid for their classes and are working hard to get their education looking for a way to finish their schooling. On Wednesday, some good news for El Paso students whose education came to a screaming halt because of the sudden closure of Vista College almost a week ago was announced, but it only affects students in El Paso.

Western Technical College and PIMA Medical Institute in El Paso announced that they will accept students who went to Vista College. PIMA Medical said they will even go one step further and not charge former Vista College students for what they had already paid out to Vista College. In a completely aware moment, PIMA officials said they don't want to put former Vista students into more debt by charging them for the classes they've already paid for. That is such a great move by PIMA because they could have just as easily charged for the classes that they will be now offering to former Vista students at no charge. PIMA will also accept 75% of former Vista College student's credits.



The amazing offer from PIMA is only open to students in El Paso which leaves former Vista College students outside of El Paso in the lurch because they say the commute is too long. That means that for those students, their education is put on hold until they can figure out how to go on with their education.

A local tv station asked Doña Ana Community College if they would be willing to extend a similar offer to former Vista College students in Las Cruces. DACC said they are working with the New Mexico Board of Nursing to get temporary approval for a Licensed Practical Nurse Certificate but that would take some time to develop and put into place and classes might not be available until next summer.

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Former students at Vista College are having trouble getting their official transcripts from Vista College but Western Tech and PIMA Medical are accepting unofficial transcripts which makes things a little easier on former Vista students. You can contact the Texas Workforce Commission for help getting get official transcripts or possibly tuition refunds. Call them at 866-256-6333 or click here for their website.

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