We've all heard of the El Paso Bar Crawl and now have a restaurant crawl to experience. The restaurant crawl aka The Downtown Tasting Tour experience takes place on the last Thursday of every month. The Downtown Tasting Tour will feature a few restaurants from the downtown area.

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The mission for the month of June is for the five participating places to create a dish featuring the element of flavor, earth. Plus this tasting tour will also help you reach the decision if you plan on going back if you've never been. Each restaurant will have to present a small entree featuring the element on this challenge.

The Downtown Tasting Tour's expected to take a few hours so the El Paso Downtown Management District encourages comfortable shoes. The Downtown Tasting Tour is set for June 24, 2021, and will only sell 50 tickets for each tour. The event will take place from 6 pm to 9 pm that Thursday evening.

You can purchase your tickets for $30 to The Downtown Tasting Tour by clicking here. The five participating restaurants challenged to prepare a dish using the earth element will be Anson 11, B-17 Bombers, Frontera Churros, Taft Diaz, and The Pizza Joint. Anson 11's dish is homemade pasta with market vegetables, green chili, braised beef, veal, veal demi, and herbed ricotta.

As for B-17 Bombers, they will serve juicy chicken wings smothered in a fresh mango adobo sauce. Then Frontera Churros will be coming in hot with their churro cactus with oreo cookie crumble dappled with strawberry and cherry sauce. After, Taft Diaz will serve corn tortilla with a cheese crust, tempura zucchini blossom, black bean, and huitlacoche puree.

Also garnished with shaved spicy onions, cotija cheese, and cilantro. Finally, The Pizza Joint will put a desert rose together that's stuffed with smoked gouda, ricotta, mushrooms, and bell peppers complimented with bruschetta. Some of the items seem too pretty to eat but I'm sure the taste is worth the destruction.

All of these items sound so scrumptious you would be crazy not to participate in the Downtown Tasting Tour. But if you need a little more insight before making a decision just check out the video Downtown El Paso provided, above.

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