One comedian that El Paso loves is Felipe Esparza; he's appeared plenty of times to perform & has even made a very nice love letter to El Paso. If you follow him on social media, you also know that he loves food too. Some people, however, might not agree one post he made in April about quesdillas.

What did Felipe say?

He's talked about various food dishes a lot on Twitter; including many involving Mexican dishes. The tweet he posted on April 12th, has been getting a lot of responses. Both agreeing & disagreeing with Felipe:

What's the difference between a quesadilla & a pupusa?

A quesadilla is a Mexican dish consisting of cheese & sometimes of various meats & spices. Usually it's flat & shaped like a triangle. A pupusa is a round thick griddle cake/flatbread made of cheese, meats, veggies & beans from Honduras or El Salvador. Obviously quesadillas are more popular in the United States (they're a HUGE staple in making Tex Mex); but pupusas are slowly becoming more popular in the United States.

What have people been saying online?

The debate on which ones are better are pretty evident in the comments on Twitter:

"Trying to start a war lol" - Leem415


"Papusas are underrated" - RaiderTrekkie


"No manches, Felipe!" - 720Pedro


"Blasphemy!" - Twist'd Communi-K


"Nah foo, especially if it's the deep fried ones made with fresh masa." - Raul Estrada


"Damn, a loaded quesadilla is pretty bomb but you might be right" - The Rumer


"You know what, I have to agree! I’m lactose intolerant and quesadillas f*** me up! I have way more options with pupusa" - Sufe


So it's pretty split down the middle: some are on Team Quesadilla & others are on Team Pupusa. Either way... they both are pretty tasty dishes & I think it can be an opportunity to incorporate BOTH in some tasty Texas dishes.

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