Ah, Texas Roadhouse and their rolls are a thing of magic! Seriously, those rolls are like pillows of heaven, then you add that amazing cinnamon butter and it's like a mouth-gasm! Those rolls are often imitated by never duplicated- no one can make them like Texas Roadhouse!

You can't deny that once that basket of rolls gets set at your table, those rolls are inhaled by everyone at the table; it's not unusual to get several baskets throughout your meal- and possibly another basket to go, just in case. It's real easy to get suckered into filling up on those rolls before your entrée even arrives!

If you too are like me and feel like you could eat endless Texas Roadhouse rolls, then have you considered taking the challenge? Okay, so it's not an official challenge, but it is making waves on social media.

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A group of guys decided to stop by their local Texas Roadhouse and take on the roll eating challenge. Apparently the previous record was 22 baskets totaling to 88 rolls. Betwixt the men, which looked like there were about five of them, they set out to beat it. Check it out below:

Well, they did it. Between all of them they got 23 baskets with a total of 92 rolls; that's about 18 rolls each, and they created a new record.

I feel like someone here in El Paso could do better. Plus, when I first saw this, I thought that it was going to be one person trying to beat a record- they were a group of guys! Surely someone in El Paso could create a record all on their own! So, can anyone in El Paso beat this record? Time to grab some friends and take the challenge!

Now I want Texas Roadhouse rolls!

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