There are some days grown adults wish they could be a kid again for simple pleasures. You know those big moments that once meant the world to you when your parents got you a happy meal.

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But now that tables have turned and you get to see your kid enjoy one sure is priceless. But, there are times you regret wishing you couldn't wait to do grown-up things.

But imagine if there was a place that existed for adults to get in on their own grown version of a happy meal. I am sure tons of adults in El Paso would be visiting during happy hour.

Because let's be real, every parent feels the struggle by Friday and could enjoy a happy ending. Get your mind out of the gutter I am referring to the surprise toy in kids' happy meals.

Now hear me out on this, just imagine if some local food joints in El Paso offered adult happy meals. But instead of getting a toy, it could be a free dessert or a beer, hell maybe even a shot.

There are some places in El Paso I believe could create the coolest happy meals for adults. Some of those places I believe have the ability to make some of our dreams come true are Mateo's Mexican Food, Gilly's Taco Cantina, Kaedama, Tea Coasters, and Ruli's International Kitchen.

If you have eaten at any of those local joints then you know how practically everything on their menu is scrumptious. Now I could see those spots definitely getting down on putting together awesome adult happy meals.

For example, at Ruli's International Kitchen they would include a few of their tasty items. Picture it, a personal-size pizza, a drink, and throw in either an appetizer or dessert.

I am curious about what other places in El Paso you would love to see invent an adult happy meal.

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