There are a couple of places a lot of people in El Paso miss dining at in the borderland. Two of those places are officially long gone which is unfortunate for some locals.

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The first place I will discuss is a fast food joint El Pasoans missed so much they would drive to Clint for a bite. But unfortunately, the last existing Silver Streak that was somewhat close to El Paso has permanently closed.

Just check out the old Silver Streak commercial from Ewjxn's YouTube video above. I remember getting excited as a child during the times we would eat at Silver Streak. I remember eating at the Silver Streak that once existed on Lee Trevino Dr. which is now a Panda Express.

In my opinion, I believe Silver Streak had the best-tasting burgers and fries in El Paso. Sadly, Silver Streak fans were bummed when the only location left in Clint had closed its doors.

Then another food bummer occurred after the pandemic that caused Furr's Buffet to shut its doors permanently. If you ever dined at Furr's Buffet then you should know exactly how popular that spot on the Eastside really was.

Plus, it was the place El Paso families could have all sorts of options and as many portions. Now since I am a fan of both it is hard for me to choose which place I would like to see come back from the dead.

But if it isn't hard for you, place your vote in the poll on which old popular spot you wish could come back below.

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