There is a neat activity you can do with the family real soon in East El Paso. Usually doing the usual family routine can get boring real quick for some. There are all sorts of water parks that have opened around the city of El Paso.

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But one of them will be hosting a unique family-friendly event tomorrow and at the end of the month on July 31. Some of us have kids who were meant to be fish and enjoy every single minute in the pool. Well, you've heard of outdoor movies such as movies on the lawn, now you and your family can try something new.

El Paso Parks and Recreation are presenting a unique way to see a movie with the family. You can enjoy movie days at the pool at the Eastside Natatorium at Beast Urban Park this Saturday, July 17. Now you know this is something your kids will have the time of their life because what kid wouldn't want to enjoy a movie while swimming around.

Heck, as an adult this news had me jumping for joy because it's something I would have enjoyed as a child, and know my kids would also love it. But the Movie Days at the Pool will be from 11 am to 1 pm at the Beast Urban Park. They will only allow the first 20 kids into the pool while the rest of the guests can hang out in the spectator area.

A friendly reminder though they will only allow floats that are approved by Coast Guard. But if you need further information about Movie Days at the Pool you can call(915) 212-0580 today.

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