There are so many people in El Paso that poke fun when it comes to certain areas around town. People who never lived on the Westside made assumptions about Westsiders. They even claimed Westsiders had no idea what the hood was like when we did.

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Every part of town has its nice parts and hood parts around El Paso. For the longest time now so many people have and still poke fun at the Northeast part of town. But a lot of people don't really acknowledge the good parts that the Northeast has to offer.

At the beginning of the year, I shared about a park in the Northeast that has Dr. Seuss feels. Also, the best time of the year for the Northeast is when it is the poppy season. The orange and yellow hues really brighten up the Northeast part of town.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about the Northeast or any other part of town. But El Paso Sun Channel wanted to shed some light on the beauty not everyone sees around the Northeast. From the parks to the golf course and shops plus much more Northeast isn't bad at all.

El Paso Sun Channel's video is a compilation of photos taken of different spots around the Northeast. They captured some spots that some of us are familiar with or barely learning about. Plus, the Northeast is where you can be inside the devil's triangle and check out a mini version of the Statue of Liberty.

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