They say when it rains the critters come out. We can thank the rain for helping cockroaches and frogs magically pop up. Some El Pasoans greatest win depends on what the weather randomly surprises you with.

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There are some people who are lucky enough that frogs magically hop in from out of nowhere after a storm. I remember a neighborhood near Burgess High School was popular for that. Frogs would wash up on the front porch or backyard from out of nowhere after the storm.

But frogs are not the only kind washing up after a storm. The rain also brings out the ones you hate to see fly out of nowhere, yes, cockroaches. Everyone knows or at least should know when it rains they come out of the woodworks.

I would take a ton of frogs on the front porch or backyard over cockroaches any day. El Paso has been experiencing rain since late Sunday afternoon in different parts of town. The National Weather Service El Paso's Twitter even shared a friendly visitor they had after the storm.

The NWS El Paso shared a picture of the toad on their Twitter page that you can see just above. NWS El Paso shared their unexpected hoppy toad's picture on their Twitter. But I am curious about what other surprises El Paso residents ended up with after the storm. Share what mother nature surprised you with after the storm in the poll below.

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