Last week we placed our votes to help an El Paso woman advance to the top 10 for Favorite Chef in the world. Chef Nyicha Sanchez is making big moves and it's all thanks to her cooking skills in a kitchen. She has created so many concoctions that got her cooking skills noticed and placed into a competition.

The competition she's been fighting her way to the top for is for Favorite Chef in the world. It shouldn't come as a surprise to those of you who tried her scrumptious concoctions. You can get a taste of Nyicha Sanchez's amazing chef skills at Johnny Cash Beer Garden.

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So when you're checking out a cooking show and wish you could try food like that, you know now where to go. Last week, Nyicha Sanchez was a part of the top 10 finalists and needed our votes to help advance her to the top 5. Well, today she shared that with all her hard work along with YOUR help she has moved up to the top 5.

Made Top 5. Now i need to be number 1.

Posted by Nyicha M Sanchez on Saturday, March 13, 2021

If you check out her rank right now, Nyicha Sanchez is currently in 4th place in her group. Nyicha Sanchez has some big plans if she wins Favorite Chef in the world. Nyicha Sanchez is a strong supporter of helping those who are hungry.

She would like to start a program to help feed hungry families because no one should go hungry. The voting for group winners will end Thursday, March 18 at 6 pm. Let's help our fellow El Pasoan help bring home the prize by voting for her to win Favorite Chef by clicking here.

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