We're all familiar with 4/20 and what that day is all about for some.

For others, it is even more exciting since 4/20 lands on Taco Tuesday.

People are entitled to their own opinion when it comes to their tastebuds preference. El Paso is full of different taco shops that make your mouth water just thinking about them. Some taco joints in El Paso vary from restaurants to food trucks.

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Despite Texas not legalizing the greens, we can at least still celebrate the day with delicious food.

We all know some people who take Taco Tuesday very seriously and eat at a different taco joint every other Tuesday. There are lots of taco joints that are worthy of your tastebuds on 4/20. A friend of mine who is a foodie at heart helped me narrow down some of the best munchies spots for tacos.

He is known as the EP Burger Snob in El Paso and even has his own website full of critiques of burger joints. He doesn't just eat burgers, he also enjoys munching on tacos. The places he referred to me he has tried the tacos at. There are probably some local joints you've tried the tacos at and absolutely loved.

I added a few extra places that I've known as well as others who have had the pleasure of eating at for tacos. Since 4/20 is right around the corner and it falls on Taco Tuesday, place your vote on where the best taco joint to celebrate 4/20 at below.

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