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Rex Ryan’s Potty Mouth Gets Him Fined By The NFL
New York Jets coach Rex Ryan has been fined $100,000 by the NFL for the postgame use of a profanity that was picked up on video. Ryan has been fined twice in the past for public obscenities and was considered a repeat offender by the league.
Jets Owner: Rex Ryan Will Return as Coach
MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. (AP) — New York Jets owner Woody Johnson says Rex Ryan will return as coach next season after the team finished 8-8 and knocked the Miami Dolphins out of playoff contention with a 20-7 win Sunday.
‘On The Sidelines’ Podcast 03/22/12 [AUDIO]
The March Madness has returned!! Or really, this week, it never left!! Thanks for taking a time out to join me, 'On The Sidelines'!
Show topics tonight include: The Tebow drama continues, March Madness (My Cardinals are in the Elite 8...
Jets Back Up The Trash Talking
It is easy to see how the New York Jets have quickly become the most hated team in the NFL. For a franchise with only one Super Bowl appearance and victory, yet they are a brash, trash-talking, cocky team.
Nice Response to the NY Post from Beantown
From the Boston Metro...
The cover has been featured widely online - from USA Today to the Washington Post, from ESPN to trending on Twitter.
The last time I remember such a reaction was the day after Tiger Woods was caught playing away by his wife...

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