Did the unidentified creature caught on camera at a Texas Zoo earlier this month get captured on video again via a home surveillance camera in La Union?

Univision 26
Univision 26 / Victoria Alvarez

Earlier this month, footage of a weird creature caught on camera at the Amarillo Zoo caused a stir online, going viral as folks tried to decipher the strange-looking animal.

The original video taken back in May just outside the Amarillo Zoo depicts an odd-looking creature walking on two legs that didn't come across as natural.

The weird thing is that nobody has been able to identify what the alien creature was and how it got there.

A new video has emerged after a local sent in a video to Univision 26, which shows a similar creature wobbling across a carport via a home surveillance camera in La Union.

The video captures a type of animal on its hind legs as it walks across a driveway and then disappears behind a wall, only to have two bright eyes peak out from the bottom of the wall a few seconds later.

Could this be the same animal caught on camera last month?

Another alien-type creature was also caught on camera a few years ago in Colorado.

As of now, no one knows what these strange animals might be, but they look like cats walking about on their hind legs.

Others believe they might be a chupacabra or an alien from another planet. But, until we see one moving in real life, all these assumptions are only speculation.


While these videos may show the strange things that lurk in the middle of the night, they also leave us with more questions than answers, and I doubt we'll ever figure it out.

Either way, watch out and always check your home camera footage - you never know what you might discover.

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