Did you see Mama June in El Paso? The reality tv star was in town for nearly a week and enjoyed every minute while in town.

Caleb Campos
Caleb Campos

Mama June Shannon is best known for Toddlers & Tiaras, which starred her daughter Alana aka Honey Boo Boo. Other shows that soon followed included Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Mama June: From Not to Hot, and most recently, her latest show, Road to Redemption, on WeTV.

During her time in El Paso, Mama June shared a few videos on TikTok in her room and outside in front of the hotel, among them thanking local makeup artist Caleb Campos for her glam-up while in town.

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Campos shared that Mama June reached out for his services after asking her followers on social media if they had any recommendations for someone to do her hair and makeup while visiting the Sun City.

A few references later, Mama June met up with Caleb, who gave her a couple of 'Boujie Bling' looks, as she requested, including one look featuring Swarovski crystals around her eyes.

Caleb Campos
Caleb Campos

So what was Mama June doing in El Paso?

Well, it seems that a couple of social media influencers from El Paso were getting married and invited the reality tv star as their guest arriving on Wednesday and continuing her stay into the weekend.

While we don't know whose wedding it was, we understand that the rehearsal dinner took place at the Double Tree Hotel downtown and the wedding at Indian Cliffs Ranch.


♬ original sound - Mama June

In preparation for the two-day events, Mama June contacted local makeup artist Caleb Campos who gave her a couple of glammed-up looks, and he also hooked her up with Gone Glam Studios and the House of M boutique to get her hair done and pick up a few gowns for the event.

Campos shared that Mama June Shannon was funny and wasn't like other celebrities he's worked with who want everything for free as she insisted on paying full price for her services.

@officialmamajune♬ original sound - Mama June

While she was getting her hair done, Caleb tells me that she talked about how much she liked our city and how everyone was so sweet and took good care of her and her needs. She also shared that she is still working hard to stay sober and working on herself daily.

Caleb Campos had nothing but nice things to say about Mama June, telling me, "she's a very down-to-earth person who isn't putting on airs of any kind."

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Although we missed Mama June during her visit to El Paso, we hope she returns soon to enjoy our city, wonderful people, and of course, our fine Mexican cuisine.

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