Put down those "National Brands" and have a can or pint of some Texas made Beers!

I'm not a big "beer" guy because in my opinion, most of them taste the same with some varying degrees of "heaviness" and "lightness" associated with them.

But on rare occasions, I'm willing to try some new drinks especially if they come highly recommended by those in the know so let's take a look at some of the best brews in Texas.

This List Was Compiled By Wine & Spirits Retailer Spec's

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From IPA'S to Stouts (I honestly don't know the difference it just sounds right) there's a lot to choose from and you might want to check with your nearest "draft house" or retailer to see if any of these brands are available locally but we'll stick to the ones that the Liquor retailer lists as the most popular Texas made brands.

The Top 10 Most Popular Texas Made Beers In 2022

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