Some businesses in El Paso have to find a unique way to grab our attention. Some of you may have already spotted those kinds of spots around El Paso. Sometimes if you're lucky it is because your friends have shared some info about these local shops.

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I felt like it was my lucky day after coming across a friend's photo on Instagram. Gabriel Rodriguez is a delivery man in El Paso who takes advantage of the perks while working outdoors.

He always enjoys capturing the beautiful art that he comes across while on foot. Thanks to him, his followers can enjoy a bunch of artwork, alcohol, and movies from time to time.

Well, thanks to him I got the mad giggles after seeing a picture he shared on Instagram. If you're a fan of the film Dumb & Dumber, then you would give mad props to one particular tuxedo business in El Paso.

This tuxedo business in El Paso definitely had their thinking caps on for advertising their business. We all remember the famous tuxedos Lloyd and Harry wore at the function in Aspen.

But seriously, who could even forget those iconic outfits in the first place? Well, an El Paso tuxedo shop used a proper mural that would grab a fan's attention.

If you would love to get a selfie with the mural it is located at 8400 Alameda. But whoever the artist is, they certainly accomplished the mission phenomenally. Hopefully, this mural also gave you the giggles as it did for me.

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