There are days when some of us feel there should be 10 commandments to follow while in El Paso. If you're clueless about what the 10 commandments are let me explain.

Some Catholics in El Paso follow and abide by all 10 commandments which are like the laws of the Catholic religion. For example, The whole purpose of the 10 commandments is to establish rules of worship and forbid wrongdoings.

For example, El Paso has seen one commandment go out the window since there have been quite a few murders lately. I mean just refer to the woman who attended a concert and never arrived back home after.

Another commandment some El Pasoans definitely have a hard time following is about not stealing. Luckily, there are certain local social media pages that help out by asking for the public's help to identify the thief.

Last week KLAQ had asked you if El Paso had its own 10 commandments, what would they be? Now a lot of El Pasoans definitely had some of their own commandments they felt are very much needed for El Paso.

A lot of locals definitely had some great responses in reference to El Paso's 10 commandments that we wish people would follow. The input we got from you all definitely had us laughing and also agreeing with you.

If you were to scroll through the comments on the KLAQ Facebook page you will notice a lot revolve around certain topics. A lot of your responses involved traffic, Walmart, El Paso drivers, personal invaders, New Mexico drivers, and more.

Someone you remember as Intern Emily and I went through a lot of them and picked some we considered best and true. Feel free to scroll below and read what El Paso's 10 Commandments would look like. Also, thanks for the extra help trying to figure out El Paso's 10 Commandments to the following people below.

"Thou shall not forget how to drive when it rains!" - Dre Delarosa

"Thou shall not underestimate the power of Fit Fam." - Joe Ortega

"Thou shall obey orange cones a mile back and not at the front of the line." - Tommy Gutierrez

"Thou shall not buy the devil's lettuce in New Mexico and drive it back to Texas." - Gomez Carpio

"Though shall not climb into the spider monkey exhibit at the zoo to feed them Hot Cheetos and not admit you did anything wrong." - Carlos Ontiveros


  • via Utep Athletics
    via Utep Athletics

    Commandment 1

    Thou shalt not take Mike Price's name in vain.

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    Commandment 2

    Thou shalt have no other mascot, Paydirt Pete.

  • Leigh Vogel / StringerEarl Richardson / Stringer/Canva
    Leigh Vogel / StringerEarl Richardson / Stringer/Canva

    Commandment 3

    Thou shalt honor thy father and mother, Don Haskins and Diana Natalicio.

  • Veronica G.
    Veronica G.

    Commandment 4

    Thou shall not fear the floods and forget how to drive in El Paso.

  • via Google Maps
    via Google Maps

    Commandment 5

    Thou shall not climb into any exhibits to feed animals.

  • Photo by Kate Torline on Unsplash
    Photo by Kate Torline on Unsplash

    Commandment 6

    Thou shall not buy the devils lettuce in NM & sneak it back to El Paso.

  • Veronica G.
    Veronica G.

    Commandment 7

    Thou shall not leave EP without eating at Chico’s Tacos.

  • Veronica G.
    Veronica G.

    Commandment 8

    Thou shall not accidentally exit at the Juarez exit.

  • Veronica G.
    Veronica G.

    Commandment 9

    Thou shalt obey orange cones from a mile away NOT when the lane ends.

  • via The Real Fit Fam El Paso IG
    via The Real Fit Fam El Paso IG

    Commandment 10

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