If you had to rank the cities of Texas, what order would you put them in?

I'm sure to many of us, our own city would be on the top of the pyramid; because if there's one thing I know for sure, Texans have a lot of pride. And it definitenly showed when @TexasHumor shared this TikTok of a ranking of Texas cities, check it out below.

Obviously, a lot of Dallasites (?) were super upset that Dallas was at the BOTTOM of the pyramid, and some were even offended that it would be put in the same category as El Paso and Brownsville!

There is absolutely no way you put Dallas with Brownsville & El Paso

Some were just in disbelief that a certain weird city didn't even make the pyramid! The official Stuff to Do in Austin accounted commented:

How did ATX not make the list?!

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For others who actually live in some of these cities, they questioned why their city was even there!

Bro why is Lubbock even up there, I’m trying to leave this place!

But seriously, a lot of Texans questioned the star at the top of the pyramid; does Houston deserve to even be at the top of the pyramid?!

LMAO I SPIT OUT MY DRINK… not Houston being #1 and I LIVE HERE

I've never been to H-town, but I'm sure it has its charm, right?

Look, as an El Pasoan, I'm just happy to see that El Paso made the pyramid, albeit on the bottom of the pyramid, but still happy to have some recognition!

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