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That's the note that guests at a funeral in Breckenridge, TX. were given after attending the funeral of Jodie Perryman, who sadly passed away of cancer at the age of 81 on October 12.

Along with the note, was a picture of Perryman- flippin' the bird- and a small paper Ouija board. Gracie Perryman, Jodie's granddaughter, shared the note on Twitter writing "What an icon"

An icon indeed!

According to Gracie, everyone had a nigh laugh after receiving the notes and many noted:

Of course, that's so Jodie of her.

Gracie noted that it was nice to laugh while in the process of grieving her grandmother.

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Soon after posting on Twitter, others began to post the unconventional ways their loved ones were remembered at their funerals. Like this funny prop given to guests.

Soon, it became a thread of wonderful memories.

This sounds like something I would love to have done at my funeral! Give everyone a little Ouija board.

As much as many believe that the Ouija board is bad- Gracie herself says that the paper Ouija board hasn't really worked.

Planning funerals isn't something that many want to think about, but it's always nice to have something in place so that your loved ones aren't left scrambling. Having something like this lighthearted note is a beautiful way to remember your loved one and to know that even after you're gone, you could have given them one last laugh!

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