El Paso has its fair share of speed racers on the roads and highways. Usually, people driving the speed limit are the ones who leave early to make it on time.

Then you have the other group that always leave late and rush to their destination.

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Some of us were taught to leave the far left lane on I-10 for passing. Some also tend to use the far left lane to haul butt. On occasion, you will encounter a slow driver taking up the fast lane.

There is nothing that aggravates a speed racer more than someone driving slow in the fast lane. In fact, some don't even understand people who use the fast lane just to drive the speed limit.

When it comes to some drivers putting the pedal to the metal is their only rule.

Some drivers feel the fast lane is made for crime, in other words, speeding and ignoring the speed limit. At least that is what it is like for one driver who posted about it that Texas Humor shared. You can see what I mean by clicking here.

Now a lot of us sure have seen it with our own eyes while on the road in El Paso. It's freaky when you're driving the speed limit and someone zooms by in the fast lane.

I want to know your opinion and if you believe the fast lane is meant for crime. Since I can't see a show of hands, place your vote if you agree or disagree in the poll below.

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