I love cars. Always have been. I've always been obsessed with what the best & worst cars in the world are. And driving is something that so many of us do, we're bound to have one or two car horror stories.

Now keep in mind, a car that YOU might find is awful, someone might think is the best. One vehicle might be someone's dream car, while another might be someone's...nightmare.

But nevertheless, I decided to ask online:


And boy I got some DOOZIES as responses.

Let's go to Facebook first:

  • "My 2015 Chevrolet Sonic LTZ constantly breaking down. I do not recommend one of these to anyone. It's currently running again, but for how long is anyone's guess" - Brittany Schmalfeldt
  • "For short people, The Toyota Tacoma did not go up high enough for me to see and drive comfortably" - Marlene Paulus
  • "A Crap Brown 1988 Ford Tempo. It got towed while I was at the bars. I went to the tow yard just to give the towing company the keys. I wasn’t about to pay $150 to get it out of tow." - DP Nck
  • "2004 VW GTI....over rated piece of sh..." - Chuck Lauser
  • "Jeep Liberty. It was like driving the vehicle in the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland." - Manny Armendariz

Got plenty more from Instagram too:

  • "1983 Chevy Celebrity" - Mr.Maseker
  • "Ford Fairmont" - stonebridge2004
  • "1984 Pontiac Grand Am" - _Rodney_chacon_
  • "2011 Nissan Rogue..." - pistolpete.wav
  • "Land Rover" - reverend1
  • "Ford Explore Sport Track" - mauricioesc17 
  • "1993 Ford Festiva" - amandarunseptx 
  • "2003 Ford Focus" - rusty_tacoma

Out of the responses we've gotten, these were the craziest ones:

  • "1968 Delmont 88 for $100. It had a hole on the passenger side windshield" - tran_scending65.
  • "Mitsubishi Eclipse engine blew up on the Border Highway!" -redzaturncomics
  • "Any American car" - xfiles0713. 

Dang... ANY American car...

But the BEST one... was this gem:

  • "I once had a '91 accord with a broken radio. I couldn't change the station from 95.5." - Johnathan Juarez

Now again, these are just OPINIONS. You might like some of the cars mentioned above & if you do, cool! But regardless on what you drive, be careful of the biggest obstacles on the road out there.... other drivers.

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