I’m a lifelong New Orleans Saints fan and reformed Cowboy-hater. In the last decade I’ve done a 180 on the Cowboys, though. Now, they’re my second favorite team and, no, it’s not JUST BECAUSE we air their games on KLAQ. I mean, that’s definitely PART of it. Here’s how my casual wardrobe has incorporated my blossoming Dallas fandom since we started airing their games…

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-In 2015, I started wearing a KLAQ/Dallas Cowboys tee. It sent a message to management that I was a team player AND it was a quality tee with a cool design.

-In 2020, I spent my own money and BOUGHT a Cowboys T-shirt.

-Now, in 2021, I’m on the verge of making the next big step. I want to buy an authentic Cowboys jersey. I just can’t decide on which player I want to rep. Here are my options:



Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys
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Dak is a bonafide superstar. He’s a team leader that you can tell commands the respect of players, fans and coaches alike. I would be proud to wear a Dak.

The Drawback: #4 is the most popular Cowboy’s jersey. I usually like to be a little off-beat with my sartorial choices so Dak’s popularity is actually a minus in this case.



Divisional Round - Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Rams
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Zeke is having an amazing season. After 6 years in the league Zeke is running with the intensity and fire that he showed in the first couple years in the league. Zeke also has a true love of the game that’s impossible to fake. He’s a dude that loves playing football and loves being a Cowboy.

The Drawback: I like Elliot’s personality a lot but…and correct me if I’m wrong…isn’t there an issue with some of Zeke’s off-field antics. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but I think some of his behavior is what they now call, “problematic”. Pulling a woman’s shirt down during a St. Patrick’s parade, fighting a security guard and the six game suspension for “domestic incidents”. Zeke has his side of all of these stories and I’m sure he’s still in the maturing process…but if I’m going to shell out $150-200 on a jersey, I want to be sure I can wear it with pride.



Arizona Cardinals v Dallas Cowboys
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Born in Louisiana, like me…check. Went to the University of Oklahoma, like me…check. CeeDee Lamb ticks a lot of boxes for me. Add to that his habit of making INCREDIBLE catches and the fact that I think he may be a contender for Offensive Player of the Year if not the league MVP and that makes Lamb a front-runner for me.

The Drawback: It hasn’t happened yet, but CeeDee seems like he goes right up to the very edge when it comes to “taunting” after a touchdown or big play. He did it on his game-winning TD in overtime yesterday, waving ‘bye-bye’ to the defender on his way to the end-zone. I love the enthusiasm but, in the words of Hank Hill, “If there’s one thing I cannot stand it’s end-zone show-boating”.



Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys
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What a season Diggs is having! Check out these stats: Trevon has at least one interception per game for the season. He tied a league record of 7 interceptions in the first 6 games of a season (last player to accomplish that? Rod Woodson back in 1993). With 7 picks so far, Diggs by himself has more interceptions than 27 of the NFL’s 32 teams. If none of that has impressed you, here’s one more stat: Trevon has a brother, Stefon, who’s a star wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills. Trevon, who plays DEFENSE, has more touchdowns than his brother who plays offense.

Another plus, Trevon’s young son Aaiden was THE STAR of this year’s Hard Knocks on HBO.



This kid is great! He keeps mistaking Dak Prescott for Patrick Mahomes which is...




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