El Paso has long had a reputation of being a very safe city. Most national metrics always put us high on the list of safest cities in the country, but that doesn't mean that we don't have any crime. In 2020 we had 32 murders but we are far behind most of the other major cities in Texas. Austin reported 44 murders in the same time frame, San Antonio had 128 murders, Dallas had 251 murders, and Houston had an astronomical 400 murders during 2020. I thought everyone was supposed to be staying home last year, what the hell was going on in those cities?

But I digress. El Paso wasn't just part of the wild, wild West in the olden days, a gunfight that was caught on a home camera shows that the far east side of the city still acts like we are living on dirt streets and riding horses with guns strapped to our belts.

The video was uploaded to FitFam on Sunday afternoon with a caption that said that the shootout happened at 2 a.m. Sunday morning. I checked out the El Paso Police Department crime report page but I didn't see anything about a report of gunfire. It's pretty shocking considering the number of bullets that could be heard being fired in the video.

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I counted more than 45 gunshots that sounded like they came from a number of different guns. Screaming and arguing can also be heard in the video and cars an be seen driving moving around but there doesn't seem to be any gunfire blasts seen in the video. Whatever happened it was clearly happening between a lot of people who were armed. Hopefully no one was injured and the police can find out what happened.

Stay safe El Paso. Sheesh.

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