The new year had just begun when a video of a woman losing her temper and ultimately her smoothie went viral. The woman, seen in a video posted by FitFam on Instagram, was yelling at an employee who was trying to get her money back to her after the employee touched her cell phone with her hands. The employee said that she would start the woman's order all over but the woman started berating her and telling her she wanted her money back.

The customer can be heard in the video saying some pretty ugly things including saying that she wanted her money back in dollars and not pesos. The employee was understandably upset about that and told the woman that what she said was racist. When the woman realizes that she is being filmed, she tries to cover her face but it's too late. She is also on the store's security camera and her face is clearly visible. You can check out the whole incident in the FitFam post:

Fast forward to today and the press release from the El Paso Police Department saying they have arrested the woman in the video. She is 25 –year old Pamela Underwood. Police say that she was arrested for assault stemming from the January 4th incident at the Tropical Smoothie at the Fountains at Farah shopping center.

They detail the incident that was caught on camera and said that the smoothie that Underwood threw at the employee hit her in the shoulder and chest area. Underwood has been booked into the El Paso County Detention Facility on a $3,000 bond.

Sheesh. What a waste of a good smoothie.

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