Christmas is a time to ho, ho, ho and overeat at your abuelita's house and catch up with friends who come in from out of town to visit their families. Chances are you'll spend at least one night hanging out at a bar and run into people you only see during the holidays and you'll probably have one of these conversations.

1. Why are you still in El Paso - You know these people. They move to Dallas or Austin and when they come back home they act like you're a country bumpkin for staying in the 915. They'll be sure to say "You know, when you want to live in a real city, you should move to Dallas/Austin/anywhere but El Paso." Insert massive eyeroll emoji here.

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2. Let's get together - What is it about running into someone that you know you probably won't see again until next year or ever that makes them think that "getting together" is a good idea? If they wanted to "get together" with you they would have Facebooked you and set something up.

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3. My daughter/niece/sister is an influencer on social media - Translation: She is the subject of a lot of videos on FitFam.

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4. I have to get home before 2am - When you're in college and your mom says, "Ay no! You get home at a decent hour! I don't care how late you get back when you're at school!"


5. Let's go to Cinci!! - Unless you are under 25 you shouldn't be going to Cinci. The 90s were 30 years ago and 2000 was 21 years ago. If it's been that long since you've been to Cinci, you need to stay away.

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