The viral video shows the shocking moment a local homeless man was arrested for dancing in the street. The community was shocked and appalled to see a video of local police officers roughly arresting a local homeless man, known to people in the downtown area as Shorty.

Shorty is regularly seen walking around downtown with his dog Ojos and sometimes he likes to dance. On Friday, Shorty says he heard music coming from inside a business and felt compelled to start dancing. Shorty was dancing along the curb and in a parallel parking spot when the meter officials came up and told him to stop. Shorty told KTSM he didn't think he was doing anything wrong so he kept dancing and the meter officials proceeded to call the cops. Businesses in the area recorded Shorty dancing on the street and said they thought it was just a lighthearted moment they wanted to record.

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Several officers responded to the call including plainclothes officers. The videos of the altercation show Shorty being forced to the ground and in one video, a plainclothes officer is seen stomping on the lower portion of his leg. Shorty even suffered a seizure during the arrest and was taken to UMC to be treated. The videos taken by people of the arrest were uploaded to the FitFam Instagram page and many were shocked to see how violently Shorty was arrested for merely dancing in the street.

A GodFundMe page was started to help Shorty with expenses and people have been visiting him to offer money and supplies to help him. The GoFundMe was organized by local downtown business owner Storm Craig who helped save Shorty's dog Ojos during the arrest. Storm says he wants to help Shorty get on his feet and rise above this incident. If you would like to donate to Shorty, please visit the GoFundMe website. To see more videos and more angles of the controversial arrest please check out Erin Coulehan's article on the KTSM website.

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