It's a jungle out there! No, seriously. Some El Pasoans are beginning to wonder if the Sun City has somehow entered a game of Jumanji.

Chris Abney via Unsplash
Chris Abney via Unsplash

Jumanji is the fictional jungle-themed game in the movie of the same name where a world of adventure opens up for siblings. In the process, the jungle comes to life.

It all started when a mountain lion was found on the east side of town who had apparently been roaming in the area for quite some time.

Obviously, this isn't the first time that a mountain lion was seen within the city limits, it happens quite often and we're accustomed to it. However, it's what has transpired after that has everyone questioning reality.

A few days before the mountain lion was spotted, someone in Horizon woke up to some horses in their yard; now, it is Horizon so you would have to assume something like this would happen. But still, imagine waking up to this?

Then, shortly after all that, these fellas were spotted in Canutillo!

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It was then that people started to get a little suspicious:

Idk EP but first the little gator the. Mountain lion and now this?? Someone is playing JUMANJI!

Then just recently, these two were spotted just chilling at Veteran's Park!

And again, so many thought all these animal encounters were reminiscent of the 1995 movie:

First a freaken gator in a pool, then mountain lions and hogs, and now pythons!!??? Who the heck is playing Jumanji?!

Someone needs to roll a five or eight, because I don't think we want to see what happens when the monkeys get loose!

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