Let spooky season commence! It's officially spooky season all around and why not kick  it off with a great local ghost story? El Paso High School is the subject of many scary stories in town. Standing on the mountainside as one of the oldest buildings in town, the school overlooks the city, gaining the nickname "The Lady on the Hill." In this town full of rich history, it's not surprising that La High has made it to the list of "Most Haunted Places in Texas," and "Most Haunted High Schools of America."

If you ask around town, almost everyone will tell you that the school is definitely haunted; and almost anyone who has been inside the halls of EPHS will have a story to tell. It's not surprising with how long the building has been standing and how many people have walked those halls. Which is why earlier this year when FitFam posted a video of a possible ghost sighting, everyone went crazy for it!

The music alone is enough to send a shiver down your spine. Is this proof that El Paso High is haunted? Should we call the paranormal investigators (which, BTW, sadly, an episode of "Ghost Adventures" at EPHS is not a possibility)? Maybe, maybe not.

Amidst the stories of ghosts is something that I consider far more chilling: Abandoned classrooms. As the story goes on elpasohighschoolhaunted.weebly.com, in 1920, students and teachers were left at EPHS during a snow storm. To pass the time, they decided to explore school. They began with the tunnels in the basement, while diving deeper into the tunnels, they discovered a brick wall that was crumbling. After pushing one of the bricks, the others gave way where they discovered a classroom.

The classroom still had desks in it, students notebooks and personal articles were still found in the classroom along with candy wrappers and soda bottles. Nearby, they found another sealed off classroom. Both classrooms still in pristine condition, ready to greet students and faculty. What could have happened that these classrooms were hastily abandoned? Was something so terrifying that students and teachers just up and left the classroom, sealing it forever so that no one else may experience the terror? No explanation has ever been given as to why these two classrooms were sealed off, so we may never know, but it is frightening to think about. It may also just be part of the legends of EPHS, where stories change as time goes on. It's still fun to think about what frightening secrets those classrooms hold. Happy spooky season!

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