It's never a good idea to go somewhere you're not supposed; you never know what you could find or what could happen. If that place is haunted for example, perhaps it's a good idea to think about not going in when it's late at night. Unless you get the right permission & if you're going to do some ghost hunting, be prepared to capture any evidence on camera.

Lately though, there's been some videos online that talk about Texas locations you should NEVER visit. One popular video was uploaded in September by the YouTube channel, MostAmazingTop10, who currently have over 7 million subscribers.

They posted a video titled "Top 10 Terrifying Places In Texas You Should NEVER Visit". In that video they actually mention 2 locations in El Paso.

So exactly which 2 locations did MostTerrfiyingTop10 talk about? Well let's watch the video & find out...

So yeah... El Paso High & the Plaza Theater are SO SCARY... you should NEVER visit.

But that's not the only place that mentions the Plaza Theater; this article from the Texas Highway listed the Plaza Theater as one of the most haunted Texas locations.

Now I will say, the video did a good job mentioning some of the most terrifying legends behind El Paso High & The Plaza Theater. However, I must say... I don't think you should NOT visit a place just because it might be haunted. If anything, that would make ME even more curious & WANT to check out that place even more.

(After all they mentioned The Alamo in the video. Who WOULDN'T want to visit The Alamo at least once?)

After all I remember seeing a ghost in the Plaza Theater... back in 2018.

Ok that was a joke.

So while I definitely appreciate the mention of El Paso TWICE in the video, I will politely disagree with their opinion. If you want to visit them, & you have the proper permission to investigate for ghosts, I say do it.

But that's my opinion of course.

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