We all remember the good old days in high school especially the rivalries that occurred. Now some students participated and some didn't when it came to those rival shenanigans. Being a former Coronado High School T-Bird, I heard of all sorts of stories involving my high school and our rival.

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Everyone knows Coronado High School's rival is Franklin High School. Once Franklin High School came around they tried declaring their school was the pride of the Westside. Now, of course, that ticked off a lot of Coronado students and lead to rival tactics.

So I did some investigating and asked about Coronado's rival tactics on the alumni Facebook group page. Well, Chuck Loper mentioned the class of 1980 painted El Paso High's tiger pink. Then in 1985, Coronado students had turned their backs during Franklin's admin introduction at the football game according to Elizabeth Edmonds.

Then one time Franklin burned an F on the football field at Coronado as Xavier Alvarez mentioned. Another rival tactic that Jana-Marie Yeary mentioned was Coronado High School's vandalism that occurred during the football games. The windows on our C building were broken and happened when Franklin would play Coronado at our stadium. Of course, Franklin for years didn't have their own football field which is why they always played on our field.

via The Real Fit Fam El Paso Instagram
via The Real Fit Fam El Paso Instagram

It eventually led to the Coronado and Franklin football games being played at Sun Bowl Stadium from then on. The rival tactic is still a thing especially between Austin High School and El Paso High School. On Monday, May 10 The Real Fit Fam shared the vandalism that occurred at Austin High School. It amazes me how crazy some of these rival tactics the student's come up with. Share what school you believe is royally savage when it comes to rival tactics in the E.P.I.S.D. below.

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