As a musician, I can tell you that it can be very hard to earn money as a performer. Many musicians work the grind every day they perform; whether it'd be on the stage or on the street. It's not every day where the performer themselves pays the AUDIENCE during a performance, but that's exactly what one harmonica player did in El Paso.

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Any musician would tell you that getting a paid gig is a blessing. Usually gigs pay in exposure: people knowing who you are, possibly hearing you for the very first time & hopefully liking what you do. Sometimes musicians will play their instruments on the street in hopes of receiving donations from passersby. We call it "busking".

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Well one local harmonica player was performing at the San Jacinto Plaza over the weekend, just playing some tunes for all the people who happened to be there.

An Instagram user, "raymeundo_towers", posted a video of this musician playing on  FitFam's Instagram page. In the video during his performance, two security guards show up. THIS is what happened:

Yes you saw that correctly. The harmonica player gave both security guards burritos... HIS burritos.


Well he knew those security guards were working hard that night, just like he was. Perhaps he wanted to do something nice, his way of saying "thanks for working hard guys!"

I wasn't the only one who loved this guy's playing & token of kindness. The comments on the video have been overwhelming positive. But the biggest question is: who is this guy? Well a couple of users have said his name is "Uncle Mike", including one "barbara.arredondo.39" who even said that he is her younger brother.

I love knowing that there are many musicians in El Paso working hard & their talents NOT going unnoticed. So if Uncle Mike ever finds this story, from one musician to another: I say keep working hard & keep spreading the positivity around!

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