Another Thanksgiving has come and gone, and while last year's Black Friday looked way different, this year IT. IS. ON.

My mom and sister are all about Black Friday- which I am thankful for because I benefit from it; they got our air fryer on a Black Friday sale and I am forever grateful for that. This year, my mom and sister asked me if I wanted to join them for any Black Friday shopping, to which I responded "Why would I want to do that?".

I will admit that they have gotten some pretty good stuff while out Black Friday shopping, but the whole waking up early and dealing with people in the stores is enough for me to decide to stay home.  I will however say that if you encounter any Black Friday fights, please share them; also if you're recording a Black Friday fight please turn you phone horizontally!

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I also kind of wish there were other things for sale on Black Friday, like laundry detergent and fabric softener, or iced coffee, those are the things that I would get up for! No, I don't need a TV I need 50% off on Tide Pods and Suavitel! Grocery stores should really get in on the Black Friday deals!

While I'm here working, my mom and sister are once again preparing for the mad rush of holiday shoppers and hoping to score some great deals, I however, have decided to create a list of things I would rather do than stand in long lines with people who are fighting over TVs.

Here are five things around El Paso I'd rather do than do Black Friday shopping.


6 El Paso Things I'd Rather do Than Go Black Friday Shopping

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