WinterFest 2021 kicked off this past weekend in Downtown El Paso at San Jacinto Plaza. From the parade to the tree lighting, I, along with what seemed like THOUSANDS of other El Pasoans hit the streets of Downtown to try and get in the Holiday spirit.

After a year of being cooped up, this years WinterFest was expected to be a big one so the amount of people who filled up the streets of downtown was not alarming. However, there were a few things that were shocking to me, and the fake snow was not one of them! If you didn't head out this year, here's what you might have missed.

First of all, it was hot! The temperature was 68 degrees, but it was a hot 68 degrees! Stupidly, I dressed up in my best sweater and warm boots. While walking past the ice skating rink I was able to feel the cool air and it was probably the only time I was able to cool off.

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The weather and the fake snow were not the things I found shocking! What I did find shocking were the lines! No, no the long line for the churros, which I expected- churros are delicious.

joanna barba

What was shocking to me was the LONG LINE to get a picture a that ornament looking light thing that I'm sure will be all over social media in the days to come! Look at this line:

joanna barba

Did I get in the line? Yes, but did I get distracted and left to go get in a separate line for churros? Also, yes.

Despite the lines, and the amount of selfies I must have been caught in the background of (tag me BTW!)- it was a nice experience. The tree looked great, the parade was fun, and San Jacinto Plaza was beautifully lit up.

joanna barba
joanna barba

So, brace yourselves, those pictures of everyone at San Jacinto Plaza in that ornament thing are coming, but give them a like because they must have stood a long time in that line!

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