Every year El Paso comes together to unite in remembrance of the 23 lives lost on Saturday, August 3, 2019. It was truly nice to see even celebrities sending their condolences and showing support. There were tons of people who donated to the fund for the victims.

After the shooting El Paso had a bunch of support from people all over. But more importantly, El Paso came through together as a community to help each other out. It has been a tough time for the families that lost a loved one.

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It has not been easy to heal for survivors of the shooting or their families, that will never forget that tragic day.

Each year that passes the El Paso community comes together to remember the 23 lives that were taken. People in El Paso went to see the healing garden that was unveiled for the 2nd anniversary of the El Paso Walmart shooting. While others chose to find a spot to park with a good view of the star on the mountain.

Well, while the El Paso community paid their respects to honor victims so did a well-known comic celebrity. KFOX 14 News shared a picture of George Lopez who was spotted at Carlos and Mickey's. Comedian and actor George Lopez visited El Paso, Texas to pay tribute to the Walmart shooting victims. Now that was a very kind gesture on his part for paying a tribute to the victims.

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