To us, our furry family members are our world and best friends. But to our pets, we are their entire world and more. You know it too when you get home from a long day.

They welcome you back home jumping excitedly wagging their tails wildly. But when they sense or feel something is wrong, they do the unthinkable. Our furry pets can come to our rescue when we least expect it.

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That is exactly what a dog did for its owner here in El Paso. The dog who is gaining paw-pularity for saving his owner goes by the name of Cosmo. This dog deserves all the love and fame for playing the role you would see on Paw Patrol.

Cosmo came through for his owner by saving their life. It's exactly like a scene you see in a movie but not this time around. Cosmo was labeled a smart pup by the El Paso Fire Department for being a hero in order to save his owner's life.

Cosmo's owner ended up having a medical emergency. It was amazing how Cosmo rapidly got into hero mode. The smart furry fella managed to get a good samaritan's attention and led them to his owner.

Thankfully, the good samaritan called 911 to have help sent their way. Pumper 15 and Rescue 31 transported Cosmo's owner to a hospital which saved his life. Cosmo definitely deserves a gnarly dog treat after his heroic act. Hopefully, Cosmo doesn't have another scare with his owner in the future.

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